Southern California Fleet Services

A company that specializes in fleet repair in Southern California goes beyond simply fixing a vehicle after it has been in a collision. In fact, a fleet-based business owner can turn to a fleet repair in Southern California shop for every one of his vehicle’s needs, from corrosion repair to reworking the flooring.

When a company has a dedicated auto body shop for their buses, they can be assured that their fleet is always functioning at optimal capacity. Here are a few examples of the services that a bus repair shop provides under Southern California Fleet Services:


1. Complete Collision Repair

No matter how damaging an accident has been, a collision repair service is expert at restoring vehicles to a like-new condition. Many fleet managers are surprised to find their vehicle in better condition than before the accident.

A bus is a service vehicle and whether the business is for public transportation or small, charter companies, it is essential that every vehicle in the fleet is functioning at the highest standard possible. A fleet-based business relies heavily upon their vehicles to secure their reputation and keep the business earning positive feedback. Taking a fleet to a specialized service guarantees that certified technicians are on the job and have been trained extensively.

2. Glass Repair and Replacement

Even in minor collisions, glass on the vehicle can be cracked. Without immediate attention this could turn into an easy shatter, which is dangerous to both other vehicles and pedestrians. A technician will be able to fit and install the glass at the best price possible so that the vehicle looks great and remains safe for customers and employees.

3. Graphics and Decals

In addition to collision repair services, it is beneficial to bring vehicles into an auto body shop that also has decal and graphic capabilities. This consolidates services so that fleet operators do not need to take their buses to multiple locations to get the job completed.
Graphics and decals are like advertisements that earn back the investment quickly and continue to represent the business whenever a vehicle is on the road. It also makes the vehicle look more professional and assists with branding the business.

Going the Extra Mile

In addition to collision repair services and graphic and decal design and implementation it is always advisable to hire a service that offers extras at no cost. These can include:

* Free Estimates* Free Quotes* Free Advice and Recommendations * Free Pickup and Delivery.

There are repair companies that also offer pickup and delivery services so that damaged vehicles can be brought to the shop immediately, and returned when the work has been completed, to provide convenience to busy fleet operators